Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of Nunya?

Nunya is an operating system designed with security in mind. Nunya contains the permissions of processes and future software by inserting hierarchical containment principles into its deepest levels.

What is hierarchical containment?

Every process has resources that it requires to run -- memory, screen space, and the file system. Hierarchical containment ensures that every child of a process only has access to the resources that its parent has. No child can have more memory, more pixels, or higher level file system access than its parent.

How can I install Nunya?

Find the latest instructions here.

How do I use Nunya?

Start up your virtual machine and wait for the initialization to finish. When you see “NUNYA READY:” you can begin to enter commands in a terminal-style environment.

I don’t see any applications. Where are they?

Nunya is still in its early stages, and user-level processes are in the infancy stage. Currently, only a handful of programs exist at the kernel level, but user-level programs are soon to follow.

How can I contribute to this project?

Start by forking the repository at into your own repository. Develop features or improvements, and, when ready, create a pull request for review.

Can I revise the documentation?

Sure! Submit a pull request to the repository for the website here.